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Report: Homeland Security Mandates Ignored

UPDATED with video

(WASHINGTON) – Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Bennie G. Thompson (D-MS) announced the release of a report prepared by the Majority Staffs of the Committees on Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs. The report, entitled “Wasted Lessons of 9/11: How the Bush Administration Has Ignored the Law and Squandered Its Opportunities to Make our Country Safer”, examines the Administration’s performance on the requirements in H.R. 1, the “Implementing the 9/11 Commission Recommendations Act of 2007.” This comprehensive homeland security legislation was signed into law on August 3, 2007. The report surveys many of the key provisions and finds that little, incomplete, or no progress has been made on many of the key requirements of the law.

Chairman Thompson released the following statement along with the report:

"The Administration has just failed to act in so many ways," said Thompson. “Many of the Act’s security provisions are incremental in nature, with benchmarks kicking in this year or next. The lack of progress leads me to conclude that the President is passing the buck to his successor – just as he seems to be doing on the war in Iraq and the economy.”

Click here to watch the Chairman on C-SPAN's Washington Journal - he discusses the Report and answers questions from callers (September 11, 2008)

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Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-MS)

Rep. Bennie G. Thompson

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