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Five Years After 9/11: America Is Not Safe Enough

Today, Congressman Bennie G. Thompson (D-MS), Ranking Member on the Committee on Homeland Security, and other leading Homeland Security Democrats released a report documenting the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations on homeland security, the 9/11 Public Discourse Project’s grades on fulfilling each recommendation as of December 2005, Democratic strategies to fulfill the recommendations, and the Democratic record on fulfilling the recommendations so far.

Thompson issued the following statement regarding the release:

“On September 11th, Americans stood united against terrorism and those responsible for the attacks on our nation. We created the 9/11 Commission to ensure that our nation was never left unprepared again. The Commission issued a 567 page report with recommendations to make our nation safe, yet Congress has failed to enact solutions to implement all of the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations.

“Five years after 9/11, it is time to move forward and do the right thing. This report documents the gaps and failures that absolutely must be addressed. In addition, I have asked Speaker Dennis Hastert to give numerous homeland security proposals that I and others have introduced an up and down vote on the floor,” said Rep. Thompson.

The Report can be viewed here:

For More Information:
Please contact Dena Graziano or Todd Levett at (202) 226-2616

Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-MS)

Rep. Bennie G. Thompson

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